Free Email Course: Five Days to Profit!

Five Days to Profit!

As a small business owner you are BUSY. You wear many (many, many) hats: coach, teacher, marketer, boss, customer service rep... the list goes on.  

But while you’re focusing on your overloaded task list, who is building your client list? Who is creating the profit plan for the next six months? Who is exploring which social media channels are working best for you, and which are just dead weight?

“What?! You're crazy, I don’t have time for any of that!” I hear you cry out in frustration.

Truth is, you don’t have time to avoid it. Because without a plan, you quickly fall into the hills and valleys of profit and loss that drive so many small business owners to a life of stress and anxiety.

Over the next five days we’ll take a look at your business, analyze why you started this crazy journey in the first place, and find the moments that have gone missing from your day. Then with those missing moments, we’ll start to see how a calculated increase in customized marketing can really start to push your profits.

Step 1: Evaluate

We'll start by evaluating why you got into this business in the first place. We'll focus on your priorities and goals, and reveal what might be considered "extra."

Step 2: Automate

Together we'll narrow down what in your business (and life) can be automated or delegated to others so you can get back to spreading the message about who you help and how.

Step 3: Profit without sacrifice!

You've now gotten rid of the extra stuff in your week and made a plan to automate your marketing. More customers & more profits without sacrificing more time! 

Yes! Let's start today!


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